Last Tuesday, the legendary Brooklyn Botanical Garden was overflowing with colorful spring colors–and not just the kind that bloom on the stems of leafy greens.  Patrons and fans of the BBG gathered in the glorious Cherry Esplanade, decked out in their festively hued spring finery for the annual celebration of the season, creating a marvelous living garden of lively colors and bubbling activity.

For the first year ever, the BBG hosted an after party to their annual Gala, giving event goers the opportunity to shake off the formality and get down on the dance floor (or lawn), with seasonal botanical cocktails and fabulous desserts to aid in the festivities.

Musical revelry was provided by Herbert Holler, DJ Cosi, and DJ Marc Smooth of the Freedom Party and the hot door prizes featured treats from New York sweethearts the likes of The Daily Show with Jon StewartapplewoodDiner, Five Leavesfranny’sRick’s Picks, Brooklyn FlavorsRose WaterHarperCollinsChelsea Garden Center, and of course, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Not only was The 2011 Spring Gala the second-largest ever,  the After Party (which ended up having a waiting list of 100+) had an incredible turnout of over 750 guests. The real success of the entire affair, was in the over $650,000 raised for BBG’s operating budget, which supports the care and cultivation of plant collections, development and execution of their many educational programs, and more.

The very memorable night was a fabulous success and the Gala’s after party will certainly become a new, and highly anticipated spring tradition.  While you will have to wait a full year for the next one, until then you can have your own quiet, little after party in the form of a picnic amidst the multitudes of roses in their full glory, currently living it up at the BBG.

– Ava

Photos by Silk Studio.