Bleeding Hearts: A Multimedia, Interactive Album Release Party

Conceived and curated by Brooklyn-based indie rock band Futurist, Bleeding Hearts was created to celebrate the debut of their album, “War is Yesterday.”  Bleeding Hearts got its start through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Now, on June 30th at Rebel NYC, this mind-blowing evening of spectacular art, performance, technology, and music will come to life. The event will feature live performances and a nine-room walk-through installation shaped by the collaboration of 42 of New York City’s most innovative artists and performers.

Event Details:

-Location: Rebel NYC: 251 W. 30th St New York, NY 10001
-Date: June 30, 2011
-Time: 8:00pm-4:00am
-Tickets: $25-35 more info:

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