Somewhere out there, there is the perfect New York bar.  It is a bar that fulfills your every desire—be it a happy hour that goes until 9pm, because you have to work until 7, or a rooftop with not only a view of the Empire State Building, but also of your apartment.  And yes, you’ve googled up a storm—be it New York City Drink Specials or New York City Happy Hours—finding either overwhelming lists of thousands to sift through (giving you an even more insistent urge for a cocktail right now) or it comes up with zilch, taking the wind right smack out of your happy hour sails.

Your travails are over, thanks to the recently launched site, BarHappy.  And the reward of a perfectly-timed cocktail, in the  ideal location, is so close you can taste it.  The site combines some of the user-friendly and informative aspects of Yelp or New York Magazine’s nightlife/ bar/lounge searches, but refines them to speak to only what you want.  There is something so wonderfully delightful about clicking through the various criteria—appetizer specials, outdoor space, artsy atmosphere—and watch the numbers cascade down until just a handful are left: a handful of results that are perfectly suited to the very exact thing that will make your happy hour as happy as it should be.

Though we might like to think that is exclusively for New Yorkers alone, the site is a free online community of bars, restaurants, and clubs in major cities across the United States.  Thus, no matter where you might travel to, you will always be able to be in the know about the best bars and lounges to find exactly what your heart desires. The BarHappy goal is to provide users anywhere, anytime, with the most reliable and up-to-date information on their city’s nightlife.

Now that’s something to drink to!

– Ava Fedorov