On a hot summer day, sometime using a spoon is just too much effort.  Ever feel that lazy??

One of the many reasons why popsicles are so great: ready for you to eat!  And also, they’re super easy to dip into other stuff, which is what the brilliant folks at PopBar have done.  They take their delicious, all-natural artisanal gelato and sorbets and dunk them into chocolate and toppings for a beautifully refreshing summer dessert.



Pick from an array of popGelato flavors such as cream, hazelnut, pistachio, banana, coconut, gianduja, and coffee.  For those watching their girlish figure for the beach, they have an assortment of popSorbettos made with 100% real fruit like mandarin orange, pineapple, strawberry, mixed berries, grapefruit, melon, and peach.  And last but not least, so far they have strawberry yogurt in their lineup of creamy yogurtPops.  They feature a variety of different flavors every day so that you’ll always have to come in to try new ones.

The next step is to choose to dip your pop in in your choice of chocolate – milk, dark or white – and then finally top it off with their “poppings” of chopped hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and coconut.  A simple but brilliant process, lending customers to try a hand at creating their own combinations of flavors, dippings and toppings.



My personal favorite combination (so far) is the coffee gelato with dark chocolate, hold the toppings.  The gelato is made from real imported coffee, so trade this in for your daily morning cup of joe.  Signs that you’re an addict include trying to suck all the caffeine out of the stick.



PopBar prides themselves on using on the finest, freshest ingredients, including real fruits with no preservatives or artificial flavors, with most of the base ingredients coming all the way from Italy for true gelato authenticity.

They also have adorable 3-inch miniPops (pretty self-explanatory that they are miniature versions of the big one), perfect for events.  Guests at your birthday/bat-mitzvah/wedding/baby shower/corporate event can get a taste of variety of different flavors.  We were told that these little miniPop guys made an appearance at a Google event where all the employees were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PopBar and devoured them quickly.



Make your way to the cute little PopBar shop in Greenwich Village!



5 Carmine St.
@ 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10014