There are advantages to being a giant.

You can encompass a world of destinations and their various personalities–collectively delighting in them while incorporating them into your own, larger-than-life persona.  The Mandarin Oriental, a giant in the hospitality industry, is a name that connotes timeless grace and ethereal old word class. It is definitive amidst its peers in the hotel world: transcending antiquity with the constant evolution of its modern approach to luxury accommodation, embracing each of its global destinations with sincerity and subtle fervor.

Staying at the Mandarin Oriental defines the experience of the destination for its guests, and a recent stay at its San Francisco location was no exception.  Who couldn’t fall in love with a city so rich in history, natural beauty, and cultural depth?  The answer is no one–when their perspective is from the point of view of the Mandarin Oriental, SF.  Nearly every one of their rooms offer jaw-dropping views of the sweeping cityscape, trailing graceful  bridges on each end of its panorama and encompassing all the landmarks in one postcard perfect shot.



Once you can tear yourself away from the view (don’t worry, it seems to find you at every angle, and even the bathrooms dazzle with their floor to ceiling windows), the rooms themselves welcome you with all the luxury and classic style that we’ve come to expect from the Mandarin Oriental.  Enormous, overstuffed beds, stylish day loungers to supinely take in the views while napping, or to stylishly entertain visitors.

Of course every amenity that the technically savvy (and dependent) business traveler could desire is outfitted in and around the gorgeous, over-sized desks, and when you are ready to wash away the long day of sightseeing and shopping, you can sink deep into the luxurious tub, breath in the sweet scent of the Molton Brown bath products, and let the twinkling skyline be your visual lullaby.



If you really want to indulge your San Francisco experience, plan to have your breakfast at the Silks Restaurant.  Each breakfast dish, so often rushed through or overlooked, is prepared with the exquisite care expected of a four star establishment.  You will swoon over the fresh juices and baked goods, before tucking into the hearty egg dishes and morning’s special offerings.  Truly, there is no better way to start a day of tromping the full 7X7 of one of the world’s most beautiful and unique cities.  Though breakfast at Silks is a tremendous experience in and of itself, we recommend you don’t leave without the grand affair of a dinner.  There’s marvelous California cuisine, and then there’s the Mandarin Oriental‘s incredibly marvelous take on California cuisine. 

Let the menu guide your whimsy and let the expert sommelier on staff guide your pairings.  With the wealth of California wine country at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless, and our elected wines that not only paired perfectly with each dish, but were catered to our individual taste preferences, completing the wholly fulfilling experience. 

Even if you don’t happen to be staying at the Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco, make sure you don’t miss the experience of a dinner at Silks –like San Francisco itself, it truly is a one-of-a-kind.

– Ava Fedorov