Last week we helped celebrate the Soft Serve Fruit Co.‘s second store opening, just in time for us to cool off with some delicious soft serve in the summertime.  Right amid all the hub-bub of Union Square with the Chelsea/5th Avenue shoppers, farmer’s market stands and NYU dorms, everyone will want to stop by to try some of the Soft Serve Fruit Co.‘s refreshing fruitiness.



The first location opened in the Upper East Side at the end of May, and they were so eager to get the ball rolling for this new one.  We were told that the same morning one the day we visited that the glass windows of the store-front hadn’t been installed yet.  When we were ordering our ice cream, they were still putting the finishing touches on the menu signs dangling above our heads.



No one seemed to pay any time, as we were all thoroughly trying all the different flavors.  Every day they mix it up with different fruits and flavors: our offerings included banana, mango, pear and blueberry.  They have a huge assortment of different fruit, nut, cereal, candy, and crunchy toppings available.  Not only that, but we were coaxed to try peanut butter.  Peanut butter on fruit-flavored soft serve, wha??  We were skeptical at first, but wait until you try it for yourself.



That’s right.  Mind.  Blown.  The visual really doesn’t help the appeal, but more serves as evidence that yes, it did happen, and yes, it was amazing.

The Soft Serve Fruit Co. prides themselves on being a healthy dessert option.  They are completely transparent with their ingredients, complete with calorie counts and nutritious facts, along with their promises of being dairy-free, fat-free, and gluten-free for all you picky bastards out there.




The Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Union Square
25 E. 17th Street
(btw. Broadway and 5th Ave)

Upper East Side
1371 Third Ave.
(at 78th st.)