What makes staying at the Huntington Hotel so special?  Perhaps it is its fantastic location: perched at the peak of legendary Nob Hill, one of San Francisco’s oldest upscale neighborhoods, and though the gorgeous cityscape spans below, it is all a mere hop away—the shopping, the museums, the top notch restaurants.



Perhaps it is the grace and grandeur of the legendary building itself: its turn of the century detailing, its landmark sign, its classic San Francisco ambiance.   Perhaps it is the oasis offered by its world-class spa, encompassing the entire lower level with one long, decadent sigh of relaxed abandon.  Perhaps it is the welcoming attentiveness of a staff that makes you feel as though you are their one and only, very special, much honored guest.



Whatever is at the top of your list, what truly makes the Huntington House so special is that it combines all of these marvelous attributes into one very special package.

– Ava Fedorov

Photographs by Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative