The ritual of scotch and cigars has been a traditionally masculine indulgence for far too long. After all, who says a gal can’t enjoy a nice single malt and stogy?

Determined to break down the sexist walls, Urban Girl Squad hosted several intrigued ladies for an evening of tasting and smoking. Set at the gentlemanly Carnegie Club in Midtown, we began our journey with an intro to scotch (highlands vs. islands!) and four samples for tasting. After a few sips of each variety, and coaxing from our scotch coach, we were able to train our palate to taste the differences and were soon using terms like “smoky,” “floral,” and “wood” to describe each.



Next, we were introduced to cigars. Most of us being cigar virgins, we were eager to learn the history on where and how they’re made, how to smoke them, and the mysterious coveting of the Cuban (turns out, they’re illegal due to embargo – not quite as dramatic as we had hoped). After the lecture and a quick lesson on lighting, we were left to indulge in both a Honduran and a Nicaraguan cigar.



As with any Urban Girl Squad event, we were quick to make conversation with our neighbors and laughter soon filled the room as quickly as the smoke. By the time the two-hour event ended, we had acquired new friends and a newfound knowledge that will likely cause a few male heads to turn when executed.

A 16-year Glen Grant, neat, with a splash of water, please Mr. Bartender.

– Brittny


Photos via Urban Girl Squad