Summer seems to be the season during which we wish to transform ourselves into fabulous hostesses, yet it can seem overwhelming to some.  That is until we met Thom Filicia, the entertainment maven, originally known through the acclaimed Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and now stars of several shows on HGTV, who provided us with simple tips to transform any party into a fab event to remember.



Last Thursday morning, Thom showed a few media members some of his easy and groovy tips while everybody enjoyed his favorite summer iced coffees, teas and Arnold Palmer courtesy of Keurig. The Brew Over Ice system by Keurig turns out to be  a great conversation starter and fun way to keep your guests having fun brewing their own favorite iced drinks. The single use cup system makes brewing at home so easy, it’s no wonder Thom is hooked and enjoys the flavorful selection of K-Cup® portion packs – especially the Nantucket Blend Iced Coffee and Celestial Seasonings Half and Half (half black tea, half lemonade).



In addition to sharing his addiction to this fantastic brewing system, Thom offered his guests some simple ideas for entertaining in the summer and recommended bringing the indoors outdoors with simple additions such a big comfy pillows and groovy outdoor rugs.

He also pointed out that people tend to forget basic element of a party when hosting them outside: case in point, lighting – which is often reduced to these bright ugly light when to simply show off a presence and scare away unwanted guests – in addition to creative use of stylish candles and lanterns. Thom suggest including a fire pit which which my favorite tips especially considering it can double as a marshmallow grill which would enable your guest to roast marshmallow just the way they like them for added sweet fun.

– Sabrina