Remember when Miranda and Charlotte had a conversation, over cosmos no less,  about motherhood and dealing with the stresses of being a mom in Sex and the City 2? It was one of the best scenes of the movie and one that many mothers can relate to… being a mother is hard and being a good mother is downright stressful, but I ran across this awesome parenting blog recently and it has amazing tips for the journey of being a mom, and I would like to share some information about what I could find when reading the blog.

Yes, we can lament all our problems to our best friends but sometimes even they might not understand. In comes Off Our Chests, a site/forum that allows women to share life stories and lessons in order to support and educate one another on positive and productive ways to raise their daughters. The site was in fact created by two parents whose inspiration was their young daughter, EllaRose.

While you’re there, sneak a little retail therapy in by purchasing one of their many amazing tees too with empowering mantras like “Don’t Hate On My Happy” and “Speak Your Truth.”

About Off Our Chests

Off Our Chests, a new women’s brand and movement, founded by parents Seth Matlins, a former CAA Agent and Global CMO of Live Nation, and his wife Eva, a former teacher and teen counselor, launches its digital platform and first season of high-end women’s “Reminder Tees” today.

On a mission to make the world a happier place, Off Our Chests is starting by helping rid womankind of whatever “hates on their happy” by introducing a curated and user-generated website for women (and girls 16+) to think about, feel, discuss, and speak whatever their “truth” is.   The brand’s dual mottos: “Share your story. Change hers” and “Feel More Better”, convey their idea that facilitating thought, sharing, and discussion is the tool that will help women achieve true happiness.  Their high-end “Reminder Tees” extend the brand’s mission with “Chestisms”, simple and sometimes cheeky reminders that “life is better lived out-loud, speaking one’s truth, and letting one’s freak flag fly, even if it’s not very freaky at all.”

“As parents and people we’re increasingly aware of how hard it is for girls and women to feel good and happy in today’s world” explains Seth.  “It’s a sad fact that studies are showing that even with all of the strides that have been made, their happiness and emotional health are at all-time lows no matter their race, socioeconomic, marriage or health status and that scares us.  You have to ask yourself what’s going on, why it’s like this, why more of us aren’t talking about it, and, most importantly, what we can do to change it.”

“The problem is that so many of us feel challenged and assaulted by everything from magazine covers to expectations, inhibitions and even every day tasks, yet we have nowhere to express those sentiments freely or anonymously,” continues Eva.  “At Off Our Chests, our job is to help provoke thought, consideration and conversation and our hope is that by providing an open forum for women to share feelings, stories, experiences, worries, breakthroughs, it can help any one woman change her story, and in turn, maybe another’s story for the better.”

A recent study done at the University of Basel in Switzerland shows a direct connection between a person’s self-esteem and a feeling of being extraverted, which is the aim of Off Our Chests: to provide the context and place and permission for women to “live out loud” and share in the feelings and experiences of others.

To this end, provides a witty, sometimes irreverent sometimes sentimental but always a safe and nonjudgmental place to express, feel, and discuss whatever one’s “truth” is.   The website provides a platform unlike any other in voice, manner, breadth and depth of conversations currently on the web featuring a post, picture and video submission platform, along with quick inspirational quotes (called “Chestisms”), and articles separated into categories such as “Bodies”, “Feelings”, “Thoughts”, “Inspirations”, “BuzzKills” and “Life Stages”.  The “Graffiti Wall” allows users to immediately and anonymously get off their chests whatever “hates on their happy”.  The site is expansive with user-and site created content ranging from “what keeps me up at night” to stories about sex and sexuality, body image, social expectations, eating and emotional disorders, relationships, kids, parenting, jobs, work-life balance — individual stories that are often universal experiences.

Off Our Chests “Reminder Tees” and onesies push the “Chestist” movement forward with happiness-boosting and thought-provoking, simple and quirky sayings such as “Don’t Hate on My Happy”, “Speak Your Truth”, “Flawd”, “Suck it, Barbie”, and Oscar Wilde’s “Every Woman is A Rebel”.  The line retails for between $26-$54 and can be purchased at Fred Segal, Santa Monica or on

Off Our Chests is a double-bottom line company, illustrating the Matlins’ conviction that making the world a better place and making money doing it aren’t – and in fact cannot be – mutually exclusive.  As Seth says, “In today’s world, conscience and commerce have to coexist.”

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