On Wednesday, August 17th, 2011, we joined Durex at the Gansevoort Park Hotel to get the 411 on a new, fun line-up of products and toys to help spice up our sex lives.

Guests gathered in the penthouse bar where we got to try some of the signature cocktails while getting our questions answered by the Durex experts on their offerings.  From basics, such as flavored condoms and tingly lubricants, to more adventurous toys like vibrators and cock rings, we got to tinker around with some of the display models (and even taste test some of the lube) and ask for some recommendations on the best selling products.



Bridget Marquardt, the latest spokesperson for Durex and former Girls Next Door star, made an appearance in a stunning, slinky red dress that highlighted her sultry personality. 



We were invited to tour her “sex suite” where Bridget posed for photoshoots and interviews.  We eavesdropped in on one of her conversations where she shared that she’s been in a relationship of three years.  Bridget assured us that monogomy doesn’t have to mean boring and dull, and gave advice on how to spice up your relationship relationship using toys and being adventurous.  She spilled that she particularly enjoys dressing up in costumes.   Yowww!



When asked about having sex with older men, she said, “There are some good times and there are some, uh, iffy times.”  Ahem, you know who you are, sir! 

Now through September 12th, enter the Durex contest on their Facebook page where you share your most lustful thoughts and sexcapade stories with the public, and you could be a lucky winner of a two-night stay in the Durex Sex Suite in NYC.





Former ‘Girls Next Door’ Star Bridget Marquardt and Durex Want to Grant Adults
Permission to Talk About Sex and Try Things They’ve Only Dreamed Of


It is commonly cited that men think about sex every seven seconds—and whether or not that figure is true, one can be fairly certain that both men and women think about sex way more often than they have it. Neither would anyone argue that there are countless things that can get between adults and their sex fantasies—busy schedules, work and money worries, the demands of kids and family, the paper-thin walls of apartment living (why does it always seem like the neighbors are having more fun?)…and the list goes on. Now, premier brand Durex has partnered with former “Girls Next Door” star Bridget Marquardt to entice men and women to get comfortable in their erogenous zone and make their erotic dreams a reality.

Durex—the maker of such sex-cessories as the Durex Play® range of massagers and rings, lubricants and Durex array of condoms—wants Americans to lose their inhibitions and forget the idea that talking about sex (and enjoying—really enjoying—it) are taboo. Durex knows that frank conversations about sensual pleasures outside of the bedroom can directly result in a healthier and more enjoyable sex life.

Starting Aug. 1, 2011, adults aged 18 and up will have the opportunity to share their lustful thoughts, or amusing, crazy or provocative sexcapades (or attempted, as the case may be) in a national online “Get a Room” contest housed on Durex’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/durexUSA.

“I love the openness about sex that Durex encourages, and I think this contest is such a hot way to help couples live out their fantasies in the bedroom or other rooms,” said Bridget Marquardt. “Why settle for sex that is just OK when amazing pleasure is attainable for everyone? I am a true believer that the brain is our most powerful sex organ—thinking and talking about sex is a huge turn-on, once people get passionate about their passions.”

Sexual adventurers can enter the contest by sharing stories of their sexploits—both episodes of fiery hot sex and hilarious misfires—as well as the fantasies they would explore if they won. Winners will be chosen by popular vote from Facebook fans of Durex (and Durex enthusiastically welcomes all new friends and judges). No photos necessary; win over voters with words.

“The Durex ‘Get a Room’ program celebrates the naughty and nice that hotels inspire in all of us by encouraging people to try new sexual experiences and make ‘hotel sex,’ a part of their go-to romantic repertoire,” said Kevin Harshaw, Marketing Director, US Personal Care, Reckitt Benckiser. “We want couples to enjoy jaw-dropping good sex, and we want Durex to be there when it happens.”

The grand prize winner will receive an all-expenses-paid two-night stay for two in the Durex Sex Suite at an exclusive New York City hotel. The contest runs from August 1, 2011 through Sept. 12, 2011.

For more information, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/durexUSA.