Meet Kirsten Prout, a gorgeous newcomer on the rise. Born and raised in Canada and currently reside In  Austin, TX. Starring as one of the leads on ABC’s The Lying Game, Kirsten is on her way to TV stardom.

You may have seen Kirsten in 20th Century Fox’s Elektra or the hit MTV original TV horror movie “My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen 2”. She is best known for her role of “Amanda” the next door neighbor and love interest  to Kyle on the ABC Family hit drama “Kyle XY” in which she starred in for the duration of the series. Kirsten  also starred in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Below are a series of questions I asked Kirsten. Where we discussed her role in The Lying Game, difference between TV & Film and her love for Austin, Texas.

What is The Lying Game?

Kirsten: Based on Sara Shepherd’s original book series, The Lying Game is ABC Family’s newest teen drama. The show brings something entirely new to the genre and we have a genuinely great cast that really draws viewers in. It’s fun without being bubblegum, dramatic without getting overly dark.

Tell us about your character on The Lying Game.

Kirsten: Well, I play the ditzy yet loveable Char Chamberlin. She’s the social mastermind of the group, or at least, she thinks she’s a mastermind. Char is a loyal friend, and would do anything to keep her friendship with Mads and Sutton in tact. Sometimes a little self absorbed, Char’s heart is in the right place but she sometimes forgets to put the feelings of others first.

How are you like Char?

Kirsten: I think Char and I both worry a little too much, albeit about very different things. Char’s concerns are a tad more superficial, but I will admit to sometimes being a little more high strung than I should be.

How is The Lying Game different from the other teen shows?

Kirsten: I think we have a great balance of drama, comedy, and suspense. Emma steps into Sutton’s life and lives the rags to riches dream, but it’s balanced out with a dramatic tone. Sure we have those funny moments and inside jokes about the switch with the audience, but we also explore Emma’s pain as she realizes what she missed out on over the years. We have a classic theme with a modern, sensitive style.

Do you favor TV or Film more?

Kirsten: TV and film are two entirely different animals. You get to be part of a hugely collaborative process in film and really figure out your character beforehand, with a slower pace than television. Working in the TV world, there are more surprises. You need to adapt to the twists and turns of the series, and get to really grow with your character over a long period of time. It’s also a way faster shooting schedule. I love working in both film and television, and am really happy to be where I am right now.

What’s next for Kirsten Prout?

Kirsten: Right now, I’m finishing up the first season of ABC’s The Lying Game. Next project I’m slated to work on is third installment of the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 for MTV. It’s great to switch it up, because I’ll be going from bright and bubbly Char to dark and tortured Alex Bell.

What is it like shooting in Austin, TX?

Kirsten: The whole cast has really been enjoying it here. The live music is fantastic, the city itself has elements of Vancouver, where I grew up, Ladybird Lake is beautiful… Austin is a very active, engaging city. Definitely one of my favorites!

Do you like to attend social functions? For instance: Galas, premieres, openings, etc

Kirsten: I am always happy to get behind great work, and will always make the effort to support in something I believe in.

What is your favorite episode you filmed so far?

Kirsten: We haven’t gotten the season finale yet, but from what I’ve been hearing from the powers that be, it’s going to be unbelievable. The show has just gotten better and better with every episode.

Was it your favorite romance film?

Kirsten: I can watch anything based on a Jane Austen book over and over.

What do you hope the fans can take away from this show, The Lying Game?

Kirsten: In regards to Char’s story, I hope viewers are reminded that sharing your problems with people you trust and seeking advice makes hard decisions or stressful situations a lot easier to deal with. But as a whole, I think the show really carries the message that one should appreciate what one has. Sutton doesn’t realize how lucky she is, but to Emma, Sutton’s life in Phoenix is a fairy tale.

You can watch The Lying Game every Monday at 9pm ET on ABC Family.

– Christine Shepherd