Last night the SoHo outpost of Betsey Johnson‘s empire was decked out in full Betsey form–the doors overflowing in all of the fanciful, fluffy colors that have won our hearts and stuffed our closets over the years.

As crowds thronged the streets of SoHo and beyond, the pink and white balloon arch and models (super cute, all dressed up like Betsey Johnson barbie dolls) dancing in the showcase windows, drew people like moths to a flame from blocks away.  Inside, the curious were vastly rewarded.  Not only were there Butter Lane cupcake towers,  passed cake pops (decorated whimsically, of course) and endless bubbly poured, but this night, femme-fav Yoplait yogurt turned out dressed to its rosiest 9’s– handing out delicious full size cups of every flavor.  Now that’s a party and a half!



– Ava (always thinking fashionable thoughts from her desk at Blue Fountain Media, TGIFashion Night Out!)

Images via Paper Mag