The epitome of hipster hospitality cool, the Ace Hotel, is upping the ante of its already rock-solid reputation for commitment to retro-meets-modern urban edge in its latest collaboration with The Impossible Project

Despite its self-defeating name, The Impossible Project is driven by the tremendous ambition of keeping “the magic of analog instant photography” (ie, Polaroid photography) not only alive, but flourishing.  Though the required equipment and film are no longer commercially produced, The Impossible Project’s founders took the matter into their own hands with the purchase of a long-dormant but still fully-equipped factory in Enschede, Netherlands. 

Now with the help of the cool kids at the Ace Hotel, The Impossible Project has outfitted each Ace minibar with a svelte refurbished Polaroid camera and Silvershade instant black & white film, encouraging Ace guests to experience the thrill of a real, live instagram (and not just some virtual, sloppy iPhone app).



To celebrate the new collaboration, and to showcase the aesthetic potential of the old school image capturing, an old school party was in order.  Though the door was manned by guest lists and wristbands were required, the interior of the cavernous Ace lobby was scantily populated–though those partygoers who made it out (it is fashion week, after all), were appropriately chill, decked in their finest version of the careless fashionable artist edge.  There’s something so wonderfully fulfilling about the Ace hotel’s consistency– it’s style, its vibe and the people it attracts are generally all in perfect harmony, and I totally dig it.



Bear Flag wine or Goose Island beer in hand, we were treated to a very modestly sized “gallery” show that still packed a nice, little B&W punch. I say “gallery” since the space is more just a hallway outside of the gift shop (where, by the way, the cameras and film are also available for purchase). 

The photos showcased were collected from various starlet artists and celebrities who were given the refurbished Polaroid cameras and took photos over a 24-hour period spent at the Ace Hotel.  All shot on The Impossible Project’s signature PX600 Silvershade film, photographs on display included the work of Adam Goldberg, Andie Acosta, Araks Yeramyan, Chloe Aftel, Dave Ortiz, Devon Turnbull, Elijah Wood, Jeremy Kost, Michael Nevin, Nicole Held, Pat Sansone and Steve Olson.

The gallery show will be on display until October 14th.

– Ava Fedorov (Urban Nightlife Explorer  who works for a killer New York Website Design Company by day)

Photographs (inspired by the show) by Jeffery Owens for Socially Superlative.