The Latin land tucked between the Andes and the Atlantic has more than just tango and steaks. Seven Argentinean designers, hand-selected by a jury composed of New York fashion editors and stylists, presented their collections on the stage at New York Fashion Week. Cardon, Cora Groppo, Daniela Sartori, Desiderata, Mariana Dappiano, and Min Agostini.



Cardon: The most traditional of the selected society, designer Jose Mutti used the best Argentine materials to create timeless and authentic pieces such as a ponchos and maxi dresses with the “aguayo” design, goat suede skirts and dresses, and crochet and fringe detailing.



Cora Groppo: Known for her strong shapes, monochromatic hues, and expert tailoring, her collection included all of these and more. Flowy fabrics draped in layers perfect for spring.



Daniela Sartori: Freshly faced on the scene, her collection consisted of monochromatic outfits and strong geometric prints. A beautifully structured top, white linen dress, and geometric maxi were key notes for the women and sharp tailored blazers graced the men.



Desiderata: Recognized as one of the premier fashion brands in Argentina, Desiderata’s clothing is simple and feminine with innovated textures, patterns, and cuts. Models donned oversized flower hair accessories to pair with casual stripes, floral prints, and a fabulous camel jumpsuit.



Mariana Dopriano: Like the first flower blooming in the spring, Dopriano’s collection was the first of the Argentine show to broadcast bright colors such as the multicolor print apron dress, bright turquoise trousers, and rich coral maxi dress.



Min Agostini: Min pairs simple materials with elaborate pleating, overlapping seams, and enfolding ribbons. Bright orange taffeta dresses, blush pink satin skirts and capes, and a green sage separates were a few signature pieces from her second appearance at New York Fashion Week.



– Brittny


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