The Spring/Summer 2012 collection showcased by Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper for design house Rochambeau was gritty. Raw. Sexy. Exciting. It was the boy you’d never want to bring home to mom, but couldn’t help falling into bed with.



Walking along the standstill male models while fashion cinematography played on old school televisions, it felt as if you had been transported to New York City circa 1982 – when dreams ruled the streets and cocaine was a common past time.

The models had long hair, boasted tattoos, and, if the cliche is correctly followed, probably could play a mean guitar. The garments themselves flowed with drapes, panels, and pleats, interrupted only by contrastingly rich textures for a structural, streamlined look.



It felt almost sacrilegious to leave the box, pulsating with beats and putting life back the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll era, only to enter back into the world of elite, modern day fashion.

– Brittny


Check out the photo gallery for even more looks!  Images via NY Mag.