This past Thursday Disaronno hosted their “Extend Your Summer With Disaronno” soiree on the Dohyo Terrace at the new modern and futuristic Hotel in the Times Square vicinity, Yotel.

Unfortunately, the weather refused to cooperate with the indian summer theme, so the event was relocated inside. The party was so crowded that the bar had to open an additional location to accommodate partygoers. Once the kinks were ironed out, guests were able to try three summer-inspired cocktails with a liqueur that is usually viewed as an after dinner cordial.



The first drink served was the Disaronno Strawberry Lime Rickey, which was a mixture of Disaronno, vodka, muddled strawberries and fresh lime. The concoction doesn’t necessarily sound like a good idea, but the flavors came together in divine harmony to create a taste reminiscent of the summer that just passed us by.



The Disaronno Skinny Sour was next to be tested and did not disappoint. This cocktail was the closest to a conventional Disaronno combination, but did not lack in flavor with the addition of lemon juice and agave nectar. The tartness of the the lemon and sweetness of the agave nectar complimented each other perfectly. This is the type of cocktail that can easily transition from warm weather to cold weather.



The last of the trifecta to try was the Disaronna Belucci, combining Disaronno with white peach puree and prosecco. The bubbly and dryness of the prosecco made this drink the least smooth to drink, but definitely was fitting for a drink at a summer brunch.



Overall, once the earlier crowded nature of the party and the current state of the weather was ignored, Disaronno did just what they set out to do; evoke the feeling of sipping cocktails in the summer, even if just for one night.

– Stephanie