Oh, Jen Kao, how I loved your colorful, mulit-print, colorful explosion on a far-away island, of a collection!!

(To all the readers, I must warn you that the collection looked much better in person – I do not think the lens could pick up the intricacy of each piece.)



On September 11th, 2011 marking the 10th anniversary of our Nation’s & City’s devastating terrorist attacks Jen Kao bright color and happiness back into the gloomy and somber day. Her Spring 2012 show started with a lingering moment of darkness where all the houselights went.  About 30 seconds later, glowing spotlight lit up a model’s tummy in a circular shape, almost like a radiant crystal ball of stars. With the most perfect music to compliment the scene, the lights slowly began to lift revealing very large and remarkable headpiece that was made out of paper. It was a very dramatic opening, but it fit.



To complement the origami like paper headdresses and capes the checkerboard knitted garments had cut outs, but in a very modest way. One would have to look very closely to see it. It was done very tastefully: each garment had hints of masculine features but was simultaneously very feminine and chic in the way they draped the body and flowed down the runway.


Many people would think that if they saw each print separately and then again together, that it would just never work together in a collection, let alone one ensemble. But somehow Jen Kao pulled it off beautifully! I’m talking about garments each made up of prints that included checker boards, florals, plaids, ombres , along large crystals all in one! Plus a color pallet that would make any kid go wild! Who would-a-thunk?



For someone not as open-minded, this collection may have been a lot to swallow. But the atmosphere of the tent just pulled it all together.  As Jen Kao took her bows there was a slight standing ovation while the crowd roared – something that has become less common at Fashion Week over the past few years.

I LOVED IT!  I only hope I see these pieces in store so I get a second change to look at the clothes again, up close and personal!



Live, laugh, love,

Dara Senders


Check out the photo gallery for even more looks!  Images via NY Mag.