On Friday, the ravishing city views afforded by the swanky event space, the Midtown Loft and Terrace, were in serious contention with the views of ravishing urban socialites who populated the space.  Brought out on the brisk autumnal night by The Young Friends of the Ioanna C. Moore Foundation to celebrate the end of  summer while simultaneously raising money and awareness for brain tumor treatment and research.



The charming hosts of  “The Big City Benefit,” not only dazzled their guests with welcoming smiles, but had outfitted the already lively space with 2 bars (serving delicious signature cocktails involving a light and refreshing mix of sweet tea and Absolut Kurant), delicious (though surprisingly modest) hors d’oeuvres, and a fabulous live band. 



The crowd was in an effervescent mood, decked out in their most colorful cocktail wear (let me mention there was a young gentleman there in a full on Paisley Suit!?!), and certainly feeling uplifted knowing that their presence at this party meant an important contribution to an extremely crucial cause.



The Foundation aims to close the knowledge gap in brain tumor research and support some of the nation’s top researchers to swifter progress in this field.  All the proceeds raised on Friday will directly aid their mission of uncovering additional treatment options for brain tumors beyond the standard protocol.   Judging from the stellar turn out, it looks like there were some great leaps and bounds (as well as a few moon walks) made on Friday towards this really important cause.

– Ava