On Wednesday evening, September 21st, 2011, a select few guests were invited to attend the launch of Brugal 1888, the newest release from the World’s Most Refined Rum. Brugal 1888 is a luxury rum from the Dominican Republic and is also the #3 rum in the world in terms of volume. Guests were able to taste and enjoy various cocktails mixed by several mixologists using Brugal 1888.

The private invite was held at Ink48 Hotel at Press Lounge located on the rooftop of the hotel.  Unfortunately, it happened to be raining that night, but that did not stop the event one bit as guests mingled outside enjoying the New York skyline and listening to the beats from the DJ who provided music for the event.  Guests were also treated to an array of hors d’oeuvres and a special buffet set aside of various cheeses, salads, and jumbo cocktail shrimp.

The rum is a complex mixture of sweetness and spice and it retails for around $40.00.  This introduction is the latest surge in an effort to bring Brugal, which is hugely popular in the Caribbean, to the attention of the American market. The 1888 rum joins four other Brugal products currently available in the United States: an aged white rum, a gold rum, Añejo and Extra Viejo.

Guests left the event having enjoyed great cocktails and mingled with great company. I even got to walk away with a gift bag and they provided us with complimentary bottles!

Be sure to visit your local Wine & Spirits store and pick up a bottle (or two) of Brugal Rum 1888, a great gift for the upcoming holidays or just for any parties or events.

– Tranika