My co-workers all love to snack in the office, bringing in cookies and chips and all sorts of junk food, which is unfortunate for my waistline as I have zero will-power to resist.  We tried bringing in all those “healthy” snacks like rice crackers and boring, bland chips, but then we would just escalate and bring in fudge, extra-buttered popcorn and beef jerkey to make up for it.

Fortunately, my office has recently become obsessed with Pretzel Crisps, a healtheir alternative for delicious snacking.  With zero trans or saturated fats and only 110 calories per serving, we’ve gone through many bags and tried all of their flavors.  And more uniquely – flat pretzels!  How do they do it??



They started off with a few standard flavors – plain, sesame, and everything – and threw in garlic parmesan for an interesting twist.  A few weeks ago, Pretzel Crisps held a tasting at Boat Basin in the Upper West Side to debut their new flavors.  Their new Bold and Spicy line includes Buffalo Wing, Chipotle Cheddar and, my personal favorite, Jalapeno Jack.  These new flavors have got a little bit of a kick and a lot of flavor!



On their site they feature great party hosting snack ideas of pretzel pairings, if you can resist scarfing them down immediately.  They also have recipies for dips and spreads!



Pretzel Crisps are stocked in most Duane Reades and are in a slew of grocery store chains around the nation.  We see that they have a line of Indulgent flavors of chocolate and peppermint that I can’t wait to get my hands on for the holiday season.

Happy snacking!



P.S.  Huge thanks to Pretzel Crisps for the yummy delivery!