Being a New Yorker you know there are hundreds of Latin Cuisine restaurants in Manhattan alone. Yet not a lot can say they have the authenticity and bring the Latin spirit to their venue and food. And that can definitely be said for Yerba Buena. This well hidden gem of a restaurant, which has only been open for about 4 years, is located in East Village on Avenue A (23 Ave A Between 1st And 2nd Streets).


It’s a small and quite intimate restaurant (perfect for first dates or anniversaries); however they do have a private dim light room downstairs available for private parties and events.

We were invited to attend a private tasting of Yerba Buena’s menu and to also try some São Organic Cachaça cocktails. São Organic Cachaça is made in Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, in a very small town called Horizontina, the birthplace of supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Cachaca is sort of like a light rum, but what makes it not a rum is that it contains no molasses. In São Organic Cachaça, after the Sugar Cane is hand pressed, just the pure sugar-cane juice is used and is distilled once, making it Cachaca. No pesticides, chemicals or any other harmful additives are used in cane cultivation.

Yerba Buena is one of the few restaurants in Manhattan who serve this particular liquor. It’s very popular in Brazil and it’s starting to become an up and coming brand here in the U.S. The most popular cocktail we got to taste was called Caipirinha.  It’s very fast becoming “the new mojito.” I personally enjoyed it more than a mojitio. Not too strong and not too sweet. Just perfect to leave a tingling sensation on your taste buds and wanting you to try more.

The brand retails for around $26-36 dollars. This new cocktail will be a hit for any event or party you throw for your guests!

Caipirinha – Traditional Brazilian Cocktail

Here’s the traditional Caipirinha made with São Organic Cachaça, which is made from 100% organic Brazilian cane:


– Tranika

Yerba Buena
23 Avenue A
between 1st and 2nd Streets
New York, NY 10009

Photos by Socially Superlative and via Yerba Buena