Barista Prima Coffeehouse sponsored a lovely coffee and pastry pairing Tuesday morning at the Culinary Loft to introduce their new K-Cup Portion Packs individual coffee packs. Hosted by two-time Italian Barista champion Francesco Sanapo and former Top Chef contestant Zac Young, the event was a great way to start off the morning.

The hour and a half pairing included four types of coffee, from medium roast to darkest roast, each paired with a different pastry or dessert that complemented the coffee’s flavor. Sanapo explained a little bit about each coffee option, and Young demonstrated how to prepare each dessert, also explaining how the dessert and coffee tied together. The hosts kept the event lively and fun and they each taught you something new and interesting about their culinary passions.


The presented coffee and pastries were:

Colombia: a medium roast coffee with fruit notes and a strong hint of walnut, paired with Walnut Pandebono, a buttery little walnut bread.

House Blend: a medium dark roast with a hint of citrus and bittersweet chocolate, paired with a Pear Tart Tatin.

Italian Roast: a dark roast with fruity notes and a smoky finish, paired with Bomboloni, or an Italian puffy doughnut.

French Roast: the darkest roast with a very heavy, smoky taste, paired with French Macarons.

All the deserts were delicious, but my favorite coffee was the House Blend. Not too light and not too dark, it was a perfect medium roast with my favorite hinted flavors.

I love how Sanapo discussed the hinted flavors of each coffee, because otherwise I would never have noticed. He is obviously a coffee connoisseur who loves his work, and I really enjoyed seeing that in the presentation. Likewise, Young’s description of why he chose a particular dessert, and how that dessert’s ingredients complement the coffee, also demonstrated his love of baking.


The greatest part of the morning was getting to take both the coffee and the desserts home. Each guest received a gift bag with a pack of four individual coffee packs, one of each flavor like we tried that morning, a USB drive with the recipes for all the desserts and information on Barista Prima, and a Barista Prima coffee mug.

The coffee packs are sold throughout the country and online at, and I don’t have a Keurig coffee maker, but if I ever get one I will definitely keep Barista Prima in mind. 

– Karina Schroeder