1 Hanson Place is notorious.  The infamous clock tower building in Fort Green has been a guiding locals around the neighborhood for decades.

In the former bank, at the base of the building, you would expect to find a Geraldo Rivera opening Capone’s safe for the first time.  On October 15th, instead of guns and gold bars, you would have discovered craft beers and gourmet pretzels in the vault.

The Brooklyn Pour, sponsored by the Village Voice, beckoned the thirsty foodies from all over the city to sample a host of undiscovered beers and enjoy them with a helping of pizza, hot wings, pretzels and all the other perfect foods that you want a cold brew with.

Guinness debuted a new “black” lager that was light and flavorful.

There was also a local brewed beer that was perfect for the skateboarding, grafiiti hipster who wants a step up from PBR: Bomb Lager Craft Beer.

The only complaint may have been the size of the glass that people were given.  Practically a thimble, the little sampling glass made for a messy challenge when trying to enjoy as much as desired.  Note to self, next year bring my own pint glass.

– Jeffery Owens