Last night, Thursday, October 27th, we joined Chef and Owner Tommy Mosera for the grand opening of restaurant Tommy Lasagna.

Located in Gramercy, the modern space is designed by Cetra/Ruddy who create an aura of sophistication while you enjoy your homemade pasta.

Loving this mirror in front of the bar: I owe everything I see to pasta.

For the opening event, guests were invited to sample small plates of their signature dishes, from meatballs to lasagna (duh), along with wines and cocktails from the bar.  The chefs were hustling and bustling in the open kitchen, where we eagerly watched them prepare the food.


Their menu also includes small plates like tapas to share for the table, as well as entrees and meats.  But obvi the highlights are their various kinds of delicious lasagna:  lamb, truffle, lobster!  Event mushroom and a “green market” variety for veggie lovers.


My mom now has a worthy opponent to go against her for best lasagna.


Tommy Lasagna
119 East 18th Street
btw. Park Ave S. and Irving