As what should be balmy late autumn weather takes a sudden nose dive into the frigid depths, New Yorkers collectively shutter with the icy realization that winter has not yet begun to fight.  Now, there is just one thing keeping us all from holing up in our apartments with a bottle of vodka and a copy of Dr. Zhivago, determined to wear sweatpants until May: the upcoming winter travel season and its promise of tropical sunshine and piña coladas.

This year, rather than exotic getaways that span across the globe, we have our sites set on some more familiar, classic destinations that require less travel investment.  Denied of a proper New York Indian Summer, we want near instant gratification this time around.  Plus, our practical mind seems honed by the sting of the cold, and suddenly we realize that longer distances add up to more money, and a lot more time than we’re willing to spend.  What we want is something that we can get to for just a weekend, but still offers the exotic excitement of a sexy, thrilling escape.

Miami seemed like the perfect choice, and Miami Beach is definitive of what we love about our most local Caribbean (after all, Miami is on the same latitude line as the Bahamas… now put that in your frozen Bahama Mama!). The fantastically unique style, sexy, easy grace and killer night life of the little island (or “Key” as they call them down South) of Miami Beach effortlessly seduces us. Cruising the length of beach from Sunny Isles down to the tip of South Beach reminds us that we can, in fact, take the time to smell the sun tan lotion, sigh deeply, and be back in the big apple on Monday, like nothing happened.  Except that so very much happened, and you–with your sun-kissed cheeks and your well-rested eyes–are a changed being, ready to face the long winter ahead (well, at least until next Friday).

This season we’ll be shining a spotlight on Miami, showcasing our favorite spots in the sunshine–from beach front party palaces, to luxuriously sexy Art Deco chic, to world class spas and top-notch dining. All the while reminding you there’s a lot to look forward to this winter.

See you in the sand!

Ava Fedorov

Photographs by Ava Fedorov and Jeff Owens for Socially Superlative