On Friday, November 11th, DJ Dirty South played to a packed crowd at far west side venue Pacha. Having
never ventured there before I hoped it would live up to the raves reviews about sister space Pacha Ibiza.  By 11:15pm there was a long line which I was lucky to bypass. However, I was not exempt from the security line. After having my gum confiscated and a TSA-style pat-down, it left me wondering what kind of crowd required such thorough screening!

After yet another line to turn my ticket into a wristband, once finally inside I couldn’t help but notice the great European-style club layout. With multiple floors, a VIP balcony overlooking the main dance floor, elevated DJ stage, lighting installations, and projection screens it was definitely reminiscent of many Barcelona clubs I visited over the summer.

The space is truly ideal for a more intimate city concert venue, but the crowd is going to change drastically depending on what DJ is playing. I was prepared for a younger crowd since it was a 19+ event and my barely-legal brother is a fan of Dirty South. However,  this concert was replete with under 25 year-old “Bridge and Tunnelers”, with more male tank tops and water-swilling people wearing sunglasses at night in once place than I have seen before.

DJ Carl Kennedy got the crowd warmed up with an opening set prior to DJ Dirty South taking the stage around 1:15am. He spun to an absolutely packed house with hits like “Coming Home” and “Phazing” getting the crowd moving. It reached near pandemonium levels when Dirty South played his new hit song “Walking Alone”.

DJs Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano finished off the night with an epic multi-hour set lasting into the wee hours of the morning and was joined by James’ wife, Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes.

While my ears are still ringing and there were a couple of headaches getting in, Pacha is quite the experience although I would suggest reserving a VIP table to avoid the crowded dance floor. One of my favorites, DJ Tiesto, will be playing in honor of Pacha New York’s 6-year anniversary on Wednesday, November 30th which will be sure to draw an even more favorable international and city crowd.

Happy Clubbing,


Images via Pacha by Joe Perez