If you’re looking for a liquor that will appease all the finicky guests at your next holiday party, look no further.  Russian Standard Vodka, Russia’s number one premium vodka transported to us, is incredibly smooth to sip on solo and is easily mixable into all of your favorite cocktails.

RSV is made according to famed Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev‘s “perfect formula for vodka” in 1894.  It is produced in a $60M state-of-the-art distillery in St. Petersberg with all bells and whistles, but it originates from the winter wheat raised in the soilds of the Russian Steppes and from the glacial, clear waters from Lake Ladoga, Europe’s largest freshwater lake.

There are three main ways to experience Russian Standard Vodka: there is the classic Russian (on the left in the image below) made of classic wheat, pepper, and light anise, creating a full and mellow taste.  A bottle of the classic will run you about $18-22.

The middle child, which runs at around $28, is the Russian Standard Platinum, which has a slight twinge of citrus zest for a crisp and clean aroma.  On the higest end with Imperia Vodka, it is distilled and filtered with crystal quartz until it reaches the prime silky, velvety taste.  Even at this top quality, you can find a bottle for around $40 to impress your guests with.

We saw them at the Dizzy Fizz’s Holiday Bazaar at the main bar mixing up three different cocktails for us, and now they’ve given us two more recipes for everyone to try at home.

White Russian

  • 1.7 oz (5 parts) Russian Standard Vodka
  • 0.7 oz (2 parts) coffee liqueur
  • 1 oz (3 parts) fresh cream

Pour coffee liqueur and Russian Standard over ice and stir gently.  Float fresh cream on top.

St. Pete’s Gimlet

  • 2 oz. Russian Standard Vodka
  • ¾ oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ¾ oz. agave nectar
  • 1 ruby red grapefruit half-wheel, for muddling
  • 1 ruby red grapefruit half-wheel, for garnish
  • dash of grapefruit bitters (optional)

Put one ruby red grapefruit half-wheel into a mixing glass. Muddle until all juices and oils from the peel are extracted. Discard the peel. Add the rest of the ingredients. Add large cold ice and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Strain into a rocks glass over ice and garnish with ruby red grapefruit.

На здоровье!