For a New Yorker who’s already feeling the sharp bite of winter, the carefree days of summer seem so distant: a dream that you know was so good but you just can’t quite pinpoint.  No need to force yourself back to sleep to try to capture that elusive summer sweet goodness. Instead, put on some sunglasses and let a white sandy beach blind you into a dreamy oblivion.

When you come to and realize you’re in Miami, you will already be beyond the point of protest.  And besides, what’s to protest? That it was too easy to get there? That the roundtrip tickets seem too suspiciously inexpensive? That Miami seems too obvious?  What we find ourselves wondering as we sip piña coladas in the sunshine is why New Yorkers always want to complain when pleasure comes too easily? When you step out of the icy fog of the New York winter into the sexy warmth of Miami, all cares will melt away, leaving behind a goofy grin and a bit of a sunburn.

There’s nothing that satisfies so many cravings like Miami: sizzling nightlife; Caribbean caliber beaches; its own shamelessly original style; and a seductively laid back lifestyle.  Though Miami beach is traditionally the heart of the action, sometimes you’d rather escape to a more private enclave where you can set your own stage for excitement and be at the heart of your own action.  In such a case, we suggest you head just a bit north to Sunny Isles.  There, a lovely, stylishly carefree and ultra-hip boutique resort sits pretty on the bewitchingly blue water, with the South Beach nightlife at its fingertips and languid beaches at its toes.  It is Solé on the Ocean, and it awaits you with open arms.

The glorious modern design of Solé captures the exhilaration of being at the edge of the ocean, with grand sweeping windows and graceful curving balconies that sweep into the sky.  The beautiful and comfortable rooms embrace the ever-present mod style that defines Miami, while infusing it with the fun spirit and warm welcome that permeates throughout Solé.  The inclusion of a beach ball in the furnishings (fully functioning and just begging for you to take to the beach) seems to say it all.  And as you step out onto your balcony and look down onto the beach chairs arranged in a pattern that is as pleasing to the bird’s eye view as it is to the sunbathers below, you wonder at how lucky it is that Sunny Isles still seems like a secret.

When you’ve gotten your fill of the view, stop by their wonderful breakfast buffet that offers all sorts of delectable morning treats, which you can enjoy in their bright and ultra modern dining area or in the pleasantly palm-lined pool area before sauntering down to the main attraction: supremely prime beach.

More than just a beautiful building with luxurious amenities and a ridiculously perfect location, what really sets Solé apart is the warm personality that they’ve infused in every aspect.  The staff is sincerely cheerful without seeming fake or forced, and they are so ready to help you in any way that you need that you almost feel like someone told them it’s your birthday.  There are no snooty attitudes or obligatory statements at Solé on the Ocean.  In fact, so sincerely accommodating, elegantly stylish and wonderfully fun is this hotel that you could almost say that Solé is the soul on the ocean.

– Ava Fedorov


Photographs by Jeff Owens and Ava Fedorov for Socially Superlative.