What better way to justify ones time spent luxuriating in South Beach than as a study in the art deco themes that regal the colony with the charm of days gone by?

Forget its location at the pulsing heart of Miami nightlife, across the street from expansive white beaches and dazzling blue waters. Turn a blind eye to the flash of glitzy glam that can so easily blind you at first glance. Instead, let The Tides elevate you to a new level of classic sophistication, while keeping you in the midst of the all the fun.



A towering icon of Miami’s art deco architecture, the award winning hotel counts itself part of the illustrious boutique hotel group, King and Grove, that includes Ruschmeyer’s and The Surf Lodge in Montauk.  Recently undergone an interior redesign, the Tides offers a luxurious respite from the impassioned frenzy that is South Beach.  The resplendent colonial fusion design is balanced by the warm and down to earth staff that seem genuinely inspired to make sure your stay is the best it can be.  It never fails to charm when a welcome cocktail is placed in your travel-weary hand, but enjoying it on a gorgeously outfitted terrace, where Art Deco meets jet setting safari, adds a whole new level of indulgently chic coziness.

The welcome cocktail, Tides Royale, is a cheerfully sweet concoction that evokes tropical sunshine in a martini glass.  Consider pairing it, or any number of their house composed quaffs, with the superb fare offered from their highly acclaimed, on-site restaurant, La Marea. Even if you aren’t fortunately enough to be staying at The Tides, the restaurant is definitely worth a visit in its own right.



Left externally to embody the pinnacle of the Art Deco Miami style, the interior of the hotel was redesigned with luxurious comfort in mind.  Choosing quality over quantity, the floors are outfitted with suite only accommodation, amounting to 45 glorious rooms. Though it could seem an impossible feat, every single room has direct ocean views, each one designed to complement the nostalgia that is imbued in the walls with a playful whimsy that seems best served alongside a classic cocktail.



Tearing oneself away from the languid pace of your quarters can be a bit of a challenge.  Still, after you have finished admiring the details of your charmed life in the midst of South Beach, it may be the perfect time to discover another secret treasure hidden on the 2nd floor of The Tides.  The outdoor terrace pool flaunts its golden era motif to the sky, as you are able to soak in the last rays of the setting sun while the beach bathers retreat into the shadows cast by the westerly setting sun.



As beguiling as The Tides may be, there are some gems you don’t see while peering up into the blue Caribbean yonder. Jetting onto Ocean Avenue to take in the intoxicating sights and sounds of South Beach, discovering wild abandon or romantic preludes, you will have only steps to go before you are able to catch yourself looking back at The Tides and the icon that is your justification for slipping away to South Beach.

– Ava Fedorov and Jeffery Owens

Photographs by Jeffery Owens and Ava Fedorov for Socially Superlative