Getting ready for a holiday party not only means finding the perfect outfit, but also primping your entire self.  The fantastic professionals at Angelo David Salon will do just that for you.

One way to transform and revitalize your entire look is by vamping your tired locks.  Angelo David Salon specializes in hair, particularly in extensions and coloring, going through great lengths to match your desired texture and color to your exact specifications.

The salon  has individual Consultation Rooms where they take you aside privately to discuss your needs with Couture Hair Extensions and Additions™.  With painstaking patience and professionality, they are trained experts in helping to solve any hair challenge, from fine or thinning hair, too-short hair, hair loss or chemical damage.   The Couture Hair creations are customized, made-to-order and are the most natural-looking and luxurious way to add length and volume.

Of course, this type of exceptional service does not come inexpensively, but it’s well worth it to maintain your fabulous hairstyle.  For people who just need a cut and styling, they offer their standard services in an elegant setting fit for an art gallery with murals and paintings adorning the walls.

My hairstylist, Megan, talked about the emerging trend of ombre hair coloring, the two-toned, half brown/half blonde long roots look.  Megan said that she noticed the trend a few years ago, but only recently has the term “ombre” been applied to the hair trend.  While the true origin of the trend remains unknown, Megan hypothesizes that it had to do with when the economy took a turn for the worst and previously bleached blonde women were saving money by skimping on their coloring touch-ups.

Women are now paying to get this done to their hair purposefully, but the key is to leave it to the professionals so that you get the sexy, edgy look as opposed to the lazy, sloppy feel.  I was shown a brief tour around to their secret backroom where the magic happens.  While normal clients aren’t allowed here, I got to see where they store their coloring products, which resembled an art shop with tons of paint tubes.

The salon also offers their own line of hair products for you to use professional quality products right in your own home.  The Angelo David Hair Care Line is specifically formulated to keep hair healthy, shiny and manageable, includes: Vital Complex Leave-In Conditioner, Long & Strong Detangler, Foaming Sea Silk Styler and Zero Frizz Control.

Angelo David himself stated that one of the most important weapons behind great styling is the proper brush.  Thus, he developed the Angelo David Brush Collection, his own line brushes that is designed to keep hair healthy, tangle free and manageable.  His Large Paddle Brush was voted Best Brush for 2011 in Shecky’s “Beauty At Its Best Awards.

The long nylon bristles and conditioning boar bristles breezily brush through your locks to keep them soft and tangle-free while also thwarting split-ends and breakage, and the durable pin bristles, flexible padding and scalp-protecting tips ensure durability, and hassle-free brushing and styling.  The Angelo David Paddle Brush is available in small ($35), medium ($55), and large ($65) sizes, which you can pick up at their salon the next time you’re nearby Grand Central.

The salon also offers other services such as manicure, pedicures, massages, waxing, make-up, and eyelash services, and they also will cater to your needs for any special event, such as bridal stylings.  For all your hair and beauty woes, put your faith in Angelo David and his team of professionals and book your appointment soon.


Angelo David Salon
48 E. 43rd Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017

Photos by Linda Covello via Lawlor PR and by Socially Superlative