Kahlua, in conjunction with the Food Network’s Marcela Valladolid hosted a brunch last week at the Smith to introduce media outlets to Kahlua’s new Delicioso Brunch Club initiative.  Guests were greeted immediately upon arriving and were offered a Kahlua brunch cocktail. Some of the options included a Kahlua and Coffee, Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate and The Cinnamon Sparkler with the new Kahlua Cinnamon Spice spirit .

Attendees were then escorted to have a one on one with Marcela, of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and Mexican Made Easy fame. Brunch nibbles like the BLT & Egg Sandwiches, Mac + Cheese and Vanilla Bean French Toast were on hand for guests.


Once everyone’s appetites were satiated, Marcella walked through Kahlua’s new Delicioso Brunch Club application, which allows users to send invitations to brunch through Facebook and can even specify what those people bring to the party. There are different themes such as the Spirit of the Holidays Potluck Brunch, Mexican Brunch and Tailgate Brunch, which all have different tips and recipes to correspond to each one.

In addition to this new joint effort, Kahlua is also offering visitors of the application an opportunity to enter to win a trip to visit Marcela in her home town of San Diego, California for a very special brunch before being whisked away for a four day retreat in Kahlua’s birthplace of Veracruz, Mexico to get even more insight on the brand.

Before departing, guests were given a bag of goodies including Marcela’s Mexican Made Easy book, Kahlua recipes and their very own bottle of Kahlua to make cocktails for their next brunch.

– Stephanie