Some call it Williamsburg; others insist it’s Greenpoint. Regardless of the area’s name, residents are buzzing about the neighborhood newbie, One Stop Beer Shop. Where Boneshakers, a small café known for their vegan delights and hipster clientele, formerly stood this bar and beer delivery store brings new life and activity to a secluded, quiet stretch on (the appropriately named) Grandparent’s Avenue.

Only recently opening its doors late December, One Stop is already popular with the locals. At its grand opening, standing room was scarce as many flocked to sample (free!) tastings from the craft-beer-bar-growler-shop. With a steady flow of customers pouring through its doors, it’s difficult to believe Greenpoint (Williamsburg? GreenBurg?) wasn’t always the intended setting for the bar. Originally budgeted to open in Manhattan, owner Benjamin Roshia quickly abandoned his plans when he realized opening in the city would mean defaulting on his vision for One Stop.

“I realized I’d be just another $15 cocktail bar,” Roshia says. “I had to be true to what I believed in.”

And what he envisioned was introducing beer mixology to customers at affordable prices. After searching spaces within the Lower East Side, followed by Park Slope and surrounding Brooklyn regions, Roshia stumbled upon One Stop’s current home while skateboarding through the neighborhood.

At 800 square feet, the space may be considered small, but the bar emits an atmosphere far larger than its measurements. The open layout, L-shaped bar and family-style table, repurposed from Boneshaker’s cafe counter, maximizes the use of space making (re)ordering of cocktails simple and efficient. The shop’s charming aesthetic pays homage to the building’s 1920’s history with a homemade chandelier created from mason jars and Edison bulbs, repurposed brick walls and shelves stuffed with antiqued leather-bound books.

Staff eagerly describe the offerings on their beer-mixology menu: classic options such as the Dark & Smoky (One Stop’s nod to the Dark and Stormy) blends the Original Moonshine, agave muddled with rosemary and topped with Stone Smoked Porter are offered alongside One Stop’s quirky concoctions such as the Clandestine Moon comprised of Original Moonshine, Drambuie, agave, muddled mint and blueberries and finished with Southampton Double White Ale.

For the less daring (who fear mixing beer and liquor), the shop offers over 100 beer types, 16 seasonal craft brews on tap, plus a spigot dedicated to Kombucha, a non-alcoholic fermented tea beverage. Draughts are offered for purchase to go in a half-gallon growler; those who hibernate during winter’s bitter cold months can also sample One Stop Shop’s brews with their delivery service.  Starting at $9, they’re an economical way to sample high-end beer options at a fraction of the average microbrewery or 6-pack cost. And, since they take their brews so seriously, One Stop’s growlers stay fresh for around two to three weeks… if you’re able to resist drinking it all before then, that is.

– Elizabeth Demcsak

One Stop Beer Shop

134 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Mon – Wed: 1:00 pm – 2:00 am
Thu – Sat: 1:00 pm – 3:30 am
Sun: 1:00 pm- 2:00 am

Photos by Stanislav Chizhik