Jeff Barry and Mizuo Peck in BRIDESBURG


We already told you to catch the incredible new Miscreant Theatre production, BRIDESBURG, which continues to run through January 29th.  Somehow, though, we can’t seem to emphasize enough what an exceptionally riveting and unique experience this play offers.  Crammed inside a playhouse that seats perhaps 30 people, you are already circumstantially intimate with the actors and the scenery before even the first words are uttered.  And it’s only deeper from there on in.


This acting is the rare kind that makes you forget everything–and suddenly you are right in the moment, holding your breath and living in the scene along side the characters.  The exquisite story telling of playwright, Victor Kaufold, is pushed to its fullest potential by the extraordinary talents of the tiny (but enormously present) cast.


BRIDESBURG is something you absolutely should not miss.  This is the kind of theatre production that makes you say, “hell yeah, that’s why I live in New York City!”  Because these are the artistic gems you have always been sure are hidden somewhere behind tiny, rickety theater facades: waiting to become legend.


Cast: Susan Ferrara (Janet), Jeff Barry (Matt), Brianne Moncrief (Cat), Mizuo Peck (Kay), Julian Joseph (Mitchell)  Directed by Jack Young


8pm, Thursdays through Sundays until January 29, 2012

24 Bond Street

Purchase tickets here.

photographs courtesy of Jeff Barry and Miscreant Theatre