On the second day of New York Fashion Week, Katya Leonovich shined while showcasing her Fall 2012 line. Leonovich, who debuted with a bridal collection in the Spring/Summer 2011 NYFW, made it apparent that she had taken a different approach than previous seasons with her current line.

The Box was set up as a stationary display, showcasing the models on pedestals throughout the space with colorful portraits of buildings hanging as their backdrop. Attendees walked in through an entryway with black lights, to the main area that was so well lit it was blinding.

Leonovich’s line focused on a black, blue, violet, olive, copper and white color palette with patterns mixed within. Unlike past seasons, a lot of the pieces that Leonovich created could be seen as wear now. The playful combination of python patterns and leather created an edgy yet feminine approach to contemporary women’s clothing. Toying around with metaliics versus flirty prints, the styles were so accessible the models could’ve walked off the pedestals and down the street with ease . Leonovich finished off all of the looks with shoes by Michael Antonio.

The models’ hair was styled in slick low ponytails by Jordan M by Bumble and Bumble and makeup was colorful yet smoky for a sultry look by Mizu by Mabelline New York.

Leonovich has previously won the Mittelmodal Prize, Smirnoff International Competition, the Nadeida Lamanova Prize of the Russian Federation and Supima’s Inaugural Competition for Emerging Designers.

– Stephanie C.

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