Son Jung Wan made her sophomore appearance at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last week to showcase her Autumn/Winter 2012 looks that included a plethora of fur, sparkle and wool.  The collection, featuring an impressive 43 different pieces, kept to a mostly monochromatic color scheme of whites, creams, greys and beiges but managed to still pop with individuality thanks to Wan’s subtle weaving of floral patterns and mix of textures.  Some of the most stunning dresses were tinted in shades of orange and green and would be perfect for a fall cocktail party when you want to make a statement.

Born in Korea and having demonstrated tremendous success with the brand thanks to her boutique inside one of Seoul’s most prominent department stores, Son Jung Wan has become one of the largest Korean designer labels in the world.  Nearly 40 different stores now carry her clothing, and she continues to gain a celebrity following that includes Kelly Rutherford (a la Gossip Girl), actors Alan Rickman, Matthew Settle and 80s supermodel Carol Alt.

The sumptuous fabrics used for trim in this collection range from rabbit fur on sleeves to fox shrugs, and a little alpaca, raccoon, and mink fur to round out the mix.  Clearly, PETA would not approve.  However, for a winter outfit that screams sophisticated and sexy, Son Jung Wan has perfected the look!



 Photos via Zimbio and