Most people grow up with their parents telling them not to judge a book by its cover, but the message seems to have been lost on celebrities. Bling is the thing in Hollywood, from the red carpet to the recording studio. While most celebrities have at least one impressive piece of jewelry of their own, these celebrities are the most blinged-out of the bunch.

Flavor Flav

He might not be the most prominent celebrity in recent times, but Flavor Flav’s bling is recognizable even by those not familiar with his music. Flavor Flav is never seen without his signature clock, a large wall clock hung around his neck with a thick chain. Besides the clock, Flavor Flav wears a variety of other long chains, rings, and has a gold grill on his front teeth.

The Pope

Most people don’t immediately associate the word “bling” with the leader of the Catholic Church, but the Pope does wear several pieces of ornate jewelry. The reason for the jewelry is tradition, starting with the iconic Papal Tiara, which is only used during the Pope’s Inauguration. The pope’s gold cross necklace and large, gold ring have religious symbolism.

Elizabeth Taylor

She may be gone, but her engagement ring certainly hasn’t been forgotten. Taylor’s famous, 30-carat engagement ring is quite possibly the largest celebrity engagement ring, with contenders such as Kim Kardashian’s ring from her now-ex husband Kris Humphries only weighing in at slightly over 20 carats. Taylor was given the huge rock by her third husband, Michael Todd.

Surprisingly, the 30-carat engagement ring wasn’t the biggest diamond that Taylor ever received. In 1968, Taylor’s fifth husband, Richard Burton, gave her the famous Krupp Diamond. The Krupp Diamond is a whopping 33.19 carats.


In 2009, T-Pain chose an expensive way to show his sense of humor. The entertainer spent nearly a half of a million dollars on a chain with a huge pendant that simply reads “Big Ass Chain,” and the message is certainly true. The chain and pendant weigh in at about 10 pounds, and drew plenty of criticism from other entertainers who felt that T-Pain could have helped others with the $410,000 he spent on the ornate accessory.

Mike Tyson

The former boxer has been known to profess his love for diamonds and gold, starting with his signature gold smile. Although his bling isn’t always visible, Tyson has been known to go on shopping sprees during which he has purchased diamond watches, pocket watches, gold necklaces, and rings. Those close to Tyson have commented on the extravagance of his purchases, and his apparent addiction to buying high-end jewelry.

Oscar Bling

Some celebrities prefer to keep their daily jewelry to a minimum, choosing to bring out the real bling only for special occasions. One event known for ostentatious clothing and jewelry is the Oscars. During the 2011 Oscars, the following celebrities stood out on the red carpet because of their jewelry:

• Amy Adams

Adams wore an impressive bracelet designed by Cartier. The highlight of the bracelet was the 30-carat emerald at the center of the piece, which was surrounded by an amazing 575 diamonds. The estimated value of the bracelet is over one million dollars.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman wore a choker adorned with large diamonds, with a total of 150 carats. The piece was from Fred Leighton, and dated back to the 19th century. The piece was originally designed as a traditional necklace, but Kidman decided to wear it as a choker with the remainder of the diamonds resting on her back.

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon chose a variety of Neil Lane jewelry, the highlight of which were her earrings. The emerald, 35-carat drop earrings set off Witherspoon’s gown, as did her bracelet and rings.

The most expensive Oscar bling was worn in 1998 by actress Gloria Stuart. Stuart portrayed the 100-year-old Rose in the 1997 movie Titanic. The famous “Heart of the Ocean” necklace in the film was the inspiration for the necklace Stuart wore to the Oscars, a 15-carat blue diamond designed by Harry Winston. The diamond has an estimated value of $20 million.

There is no shortage of jewelry when it comes to celebrities, and checking out the latest bling is always sure to impress and amaze. Whether it’s a rapper, a boxer, a religious leader, or an actress trying to dazzle at an awards show, there’s plenty of bling to go around in Hollywood and beyond!

– Alex Levin

Alex, as a writer for DuMouchelle Diamond Exchange, has a very particular eye for bling.