Launched during Advertising Week in 2009, the Social Media Society is an association dedicated to the use of social media as a powerful communication channel and marketing platform.  Their mission is to build relationships and connections within the social media community at all levels through exclusive networking events, best practice seminars and social media education.

Last week, Social Media Society decided to kickoff social media week with the Social Media Influencers Awards, located in Times Square’s hip hotel, Yotel.  The Social Media Influencers Party and Awards Presentation recognize the most influential social media campaigns of the year (January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011). Finalists included Bravo, Daily Candy, Paramount Pictures, The Coca-Cola Company, Likeable Media, and many others. Awards were determined by public vote with the final vote cast by a panel of judges.

In this day and age where every 2 out of 3 people use a social media site and many of the largest companies in the world are using top social sites such as Twitter and Facebook to help create and keep interest in their brand.  Bloggers too are becoming a big name in the fashion and beauty industry as well!

There are usually 5 types of Social Media Influencers:

  • The networker (Social Butterfly): one who has the biggest contact list and found on all platforms. He or she who knows everybody and everybody knows him or her.
  • The opinion leader (Thought Leader): one who can become the best ambassador of a brand. He or she has built a strong authority in his or her field by based on credibility. Their messages are most often commented on and retweeted.
  • The discoverer (Trendsetter): one who is always the first to use a new platform.  Constantly on the lookout for new trends, they become the “hub” in the sector.
  • The sharer (Reporter): one who distributes information to the bloggers to journalists through the specialized webzines. He or she usually amplify messages.
  • The user (Everyday Customer): one that represents the regular customer. He or she does not have a network as large as the networker, but his or her network remains equally important.

Many of these ‘influencers’ were in attendance at the awards reception.  Guests sipped on cocktails sponsored by St. Germain while the press got to sit in a VIP lounge and mingle.  The event became quite crowded pretty fast, however connections were made through out the night and some of the top prizes and awards went to social video finalists HBO:True Blood and Hunger Games. If you’re looking for Facebook and Instagram digital marketing experts, BRSM rises above the rest.

– Tranika