Last week, the Kati Roll Company celebrated the opening of their third location in Midtown East on 53rd Street.

What are kati rolls, you may ask?  Since the best I can describe it is like skinny Indian version of a burrito/wrap, Wikipedia may give you a better idea.  I guess as a basic description, it’s a roll with fillings like lamb, chicken, beef doused in delicious spices and sauces. For vegetarians, there are options with assorted veggies, potato and eggs. Check out the menu and all of their offerings!

The store itself is a small hideaway that seats only 16 people, so the best method is to just grab-and-go in between meetings at work, or for a quick fix when you’re stumbling out of the neighborhood bars.  Did we mention that it’s open late?

They will also soon begin delivery services through Seamless Web, and, so the truely lazy will be able to enjoy kati rolls at any and all times.

Founded by, The Kati Roll Company (TKRC) first opened its doors in New York City’s eclectic Greenwich Village in 2002 with a simple menu consisting of authentic flavored rolls made with hand-ground spices, homemade parathas and freshly grilled fillings. Originating from Kolkata, India, kati rolls have long been a mainstay there. Saha, who also hails from Kolkata, started her business with a very simple concept, “I tremendously missed kati rolls and there weren’t any in New York when I first moved there,” she remembers. “I just wanted to have a place where I could enjoy Kolkata’s street foods. I thought if I missed it so much, other people must too.”

TKRC’s menu consists of 13 flavors of rolls filled with the highest quality of lamb, beef, chicken, seafood, paneer, egg and grilled vegetables. All rolls are available in a choice of fresh flatbreads made daily–the original paratha or the lighter alternative of whole wheat roti.


After 10 years of operation by founder Payal Saha, they really have got this kati roll business down, so check outall of their locations in Greenwich Village, Midtown West, and even in London.


The Kati Roll Company
229 E. 53rd Street
between 2nd and 3rd Avenue