You used to love going downtown for the young, energetic vibe: hanging out on St. Mark’s thinking up your next tatttoo design; spinning the Astor Place Cube; roaming around Greenwich Village mocking NYU students – or secretly wanting to be them; spending hours at that one Starbucks that you’ve heard Matt Damon frequents, or at that other one that you’ve heard Mr. Big from Sex and the City frequents.

But now that you’re older, you still want to pretend to be cool and head downtown, but you need a place a bit more… refined and sophisticated.  Discover: Bahr Ché.


Bahr Ché is located in the heart of Astor place, on the ground floor of the “undulating” Gwathmey Siegel apartment complex.  It boasts a dramatic wine wall displaying 1,500 varieties of international wines, a perfect setting to impress your date.  Hint, hint.

To complement the exensive selection of wines are plates of rich delicacies.  The menu features exotic cheeses, charcuterie, foie gras and an assortment of amazing desserts and chocolates sourced from some of the best purveyors in New York City including D’Artagan, Murray’s Cheese, and Bouchon Bakery.

Experiencing the Lobster and Black Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese first hand, it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular dishes.  Our waitress, who was initially a bit icy, warmed up when we asked her for other suggestions: her favorites included the Salmon Tartar Duo with a potato waffle and crème fraiche, and the Duck Degustation with fois gras, duck proscuitto, and duck sausage.  While the dishes are small portioned, they are rich with flavor and a great accompaniment to the wine selections.

Experience for yourself a world of wines at Bahr Ché.  Visit for more info and menus.


Bahr Ché
26 Astor Place
Between East 7th and Astor Place
Entrance on Cooper Square

Images via Bahr Ché