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Special shout-out to Janine Just, who share with us the news that Socially Superlative for best Night Life Blog from the first ever Blogger’s Ball with Gregory’s Coffee.  Thank you for the love!


The Blogger community celebrated the first ever Blogger’s Ball with Gregory’s Coffee on Tuesday, March 27th at their 46th Street Location. Those who attended were treated to a sampling of how owner, Gregory Zamfois, “sees coffee differently” among his digital technorati guests. Gregory wanted to honor the tremendous online community who, let’s face it, got their start among many of the numerous coffee shops, with a specialized event tailored for them.

To help kick off the night’s festivities, Gregory put together an exclusive awards ceremony, honoring some of his favorite blogs and bloggers. The winners included:

Guests were also treated to some signature cocktails including the Irish Greg, which was a delicious blend of iced coffee, a shot of espresso and Bailey’s. They were taught about Gregory’s philosophy as he plans to compete with powerhouses like Starbucks and Think Coffee by offering great customer service. “It’s less about putting them out of business and more about putting something new out into the marketplace. I wanted to bring the third wave to midtown,” he says.

Of his first Bloggers Ball, he says, “the support from the blogger community has been tremendous at our 4 NYC locations. We continue to strive in providing them with free Wi-Fi and a place they can call ‘their office’. ”

Join Gregory and his team everyday for a quick cup as we’ll sure they’ll be having you become a #Gregular in no time.

Be sure to like them on Facebook (http://facebook.com/GregorysCoffee) and Follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/GregorysCoffee) and check-in with them at any of their four locations on Foursquare where they feature a Loyalty Program to which you receive a complimentary cookie on your 3rd check-in within 7 days.

Via Janine Just.  Photos by Jackie Jakaitis.