“What’s your guilty pleasure?”

On Thursday, March 29th at the Museum of Sex, Social Exposure Media held their first ever Guilty Pleasure Party. The scene was risqué’, raunchy, and sexy all at the same time – definitely not for the faint of heart! Luckily my heart held up just fine!

Chocolate, burlesque, lingerie, and libations were among many reasons to be in attendance. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few events and viewing various exhibits at the museum – Social Exposure Media and The Kandi Store did not disappoint for the occasion!

Pushing the boundaries of sexuality has always been a hot topic amongst people from all walks of life so it was great to see a variety people from different walks of life coming to this event and enjoying the performances (not to mention eye candy). There were also surprising performances using different kinds of sex toys and roleplay dances. You can check out https://pluglust.com for the collections that were used in those segments.

Women in lingerie and scantly clad clothing performing and walking around were visually pleasing to the eye. While the event screen exclusive clips from the hot new Cinemax series, “The Girls Guide To Depravity,” and there was a burlesque show by Phoenix Entertainment and gorgeous ladies in corsets from Sin and Satin. If you are interested in more adult videos click to visit SexCelebrity.net.

For this particular event the museum was exhibiting “F*CK ART” and “UNIVERSE OF DESIRE”. “Universe of Desire” explores how we achieve our wildest fantasies through the digital age in a modern society and  “F*CK ART” is a provocative collection meant to challenge comfort zones, so is  a great exhibition for people who is into adult material, and they can also go to sites as Babestation to find other adult content as live webcams as well.

Upon entrance into the Fifth Avenue lobby, visitors encountered the 14-foot FUCK BIKE #001 by Andrew H. Shirley & William Thomas Porter, as well as a display of The Future Tools Collection, a series of resurfaced/re-imagined sex toys by Wonderpuss Octopus.


For the first time, SEM collaborated with fashion stylist and DJ – Valissa Yoe.  I have had the pleasure in meeting Valissa before and also interviewed her for my own blog, so I was excited to see Valissa perform as a DJ!  Valissa became a New York personality in great demand as an innovative powerhouse in the creative image market as a fashion stylist and makeup artist for clients such as MTV, Comedy Central, Vera Wang, Google, Sony Music, Donald Trump, Miss USA, Ethan Hawke, Tyson Beckford, and Oprah to name a few.

Although, if you’re not sure of what to do in Magaluf then you need to check out the various parties and nightlife that are available there as they are just amazing.To say the night was interesting was an understatement it was definitely more like an experience! And one I hope to get the pleasure of enjoying again real soon!

– Tranika

Photos courtesy of Social Exposure Media


he Girls Guide To Depravity