Sometimes dudes and bros just want a delicious tasting drink – like a Cosmo (think pinky-out like in Sex and the City), or a tropical Mai Tai or Bay Breeze, complete with cocktail umbrellas – without your friends giving you shit for being a wuss.

Well!  Our friends at Mike’s Hard Lemonade are giving us just that with mike’s ON THE ROCKS It’s Mike’s Hard but even better, with new flavors and additional pizzazz in a can to launch your night.  These drinks are easy to go down, providing an awesome pre-gaming experience you and you crew.

With mike’s ON THE ROCKS HURRICANE, you get the taste of New Orleans with an “assortment of tropical citrus fruit juices along with back notes of rum and just a hint of Angostura Bitters flavor to cut the sweetness.”

For those who enjoy a bit of every and all kinds of spirits, check out mike’s ON THE ROCKS LONG ISLAND ICED TEA made with made with vodka, gin, tequila, and rum, with a splash of sour mix and cola.  These are some drinks that pack a punch!

To celebrate these new delicious drinks, MHL is celebrating the launch with an awesome sweepstakes on the mike’s ON THE ROCKS Facebook page.  They are featuring daily prizes that you can win every day now through May 24th with items that will help you launch your very own bachelor pad – for example, a huge 50″ plasma LCD TV, your very own manly couch, a cow hide rug for that rustic feel, cleaning service (face it, men are disgusting), a surround sound system, and even a remote controlled helicopter (!!). 

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Additionally, they are also featuring a Launch Pad Party Sweepstake where you and 19 of your closest buds will get the ultimate pre-party experience in Chicago or New York for an epic party hosted by mike’s ON THE ROCKS.  These ultimate guy hangouts will come complete with everything you need to launch your night including: XBOX, foosball table, dartboard, flat screen TVs, pool table, and of course, plently of mOTR.  Enter now through April 28th!  [Find out all the details:]

mOTR will be sold alongside beer in grocery, liquor, club and convenience stores nationwide so it will be easy to find, and at around $8.99 per 4-pack, it’s way cheaper than a Cosmo at a stuffy lounge.  Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win!

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