Turning the corner to the entrance of Cedar Studios this past Thursday evening felt like you walked into a dream. The event suitably titled “UNDONE” captured the essence of advertising at its best, by combining Kim Crawford Wines’ “Undo Ordinary” campaign with Miles Aldridge’s incredible imagery.

The famous Miles Aldridge spent time at each of the three amazing set designs shooting the live ad campaign for Kim Crawford Wines, as he pulled some of the event attendees into each shoot. The three main sets “A-Flutter,” a brightly- colored butterflies flying across an all-white set while pianist sits playfully. The second set, “Fly By,” a character emerged from a painting in a fuchsia room to pour glasses of Sauvignon Blanc to a model swaying on a swing.

The final set “Stirred Up,” a dinner party scene in a modern kitchen with gold counters and white accents. Their were some additional sets left for the guests to interact within, one dressed as a fairy land, filled with a male and two females fairies as the entertained party goers, the final one placed directly in front of the DJ booth gold chairs in a lounge style.

Between the funky set designs, mellow music, open bar featuring Kim Crawford Wines, with an amazing kiwi martini. Hairstylists walking the set with hairspray in their back pocket, among camera men capturing every detail. Waiters waltzed around the room carrying wild presentations of food, from gold glittered truffles, pink cotton candy, and asparagus wrapped in popcorn.

Kim Crawford Wines is the producer of an award winning portfolio of New Zealand wines, by shooting her 2012 advertising campaign during the interactive art event. The campaign is set to launch nationwide this summer.

 – Coretta