Oh hey, prints! The ASOS A/W ’12 preview took place on Wednesday atop the Chelsea Arts Tower in the Glasshouses, and it looks like the UK retailer will deliver more amped-up versions of its signature affordable-yet-chic looks for ladies and lads this fall.

It’s a hefty collection (eight looks for women) that’s a little bit nature girl meets the androgynous girl at the party wearing Balmain. For men, four looks channel the rock climber, 60’s psychedelic, raving in the 80’s and the fashion-forward prepster. One thing there is no shortage of is prints — they range from bold floral hues to geometric and Aztec inspired.

This collection got a little help from featured designer Markus Lupfer, who lent sexy paint-spattered leather to the “Black” collection; ASOS also featured their own stylists, Michele Rafferty and Richard Sloan, for the uniform-like “White” collection.

Rich colors, gilded golds, lace, and brocades make up most of the “Baroque” collection’s nearly over-the-top Victorian pieces, which are only tempered by ultra-modern cuts and flattering silhouettes. The “Girl’s World” collection is a youthful take on the party outfit, relying heavily on festive embellishments like bold prints and bead-work.

Other trends to look forward to: 80s, tribal, and tartan prints, which are spattered throughout the collection; also an array of mixed fabrics including faux fur, suede, leather, and wool. The shoes and accessories carry similar themes and are equally interesting for men and women.

ASOS will bring back two popular collections: the “Tailored” suit collection for men — which pushes the concept of ‘sweaters over dress shirts’ — and the “Africa” collection, an ethical collection that helps support the business community and workers in Kenya.

– Tracey