When Mark Addison was approached to make a Post-it® Wonderland, he jumped at the chance. Transforming the blank canvas of Cult Studios into a rainbow oasis, Addison not only spent five hours utilizing Post-its® for all of the wall decorations he had conjured up based on the color palettes, but also added to the space as necessary once those designs were executed.

The task was in conjunction with 2012 Post-it® Brand Collections Preview Event, introducing the media to everything from already existing products, to new innovative merchandise coming down the pipeline, to new initiatives Post-it® is spearheading to further promote the brand.

The space was divided into sections, each one dedicated to another specialty of Post-it®. The first section introduced the Adopt-A-Classroom initiative that Post-it® is currently party of. Guests were also invited to write an inspirational Post-it® note for a big poster sized Post-it® board that was being sent to a school in need.

Another station that Global Brand Ambassador Tim Moynihan walked me through was stocked with IPads that would help partygoers decipher what color palette matched their personality. Once you figured it out, you could then visit the station where all the palettes were laid out.

Suzanne K. Strom, Marketing Manager of Trend, Design and Merchandising, is in charge of choosing the colors for these palettes and told me how she also works in conjunction with an outside company to decide which colors can be adopted. Much like any large design company, this process includes inspiration boards, and testing the colors to make sure they stay that same vibrant color as intended. I was surprised to find out that Post-its® are recyclable even though they have adhesive on the back.

The last station of the setup showcased creative office supplies that are utilized to hold Post-its®. It also introduced the Mobile Tour kicking off the end of this month, that will head to different places where they feel Post-it® users congregate, and will give consumers opportunities to see the latest products.

No cocktail party would be complete without drinks, food and goodie bags, and Post-it® made sure all of the above was taken care of. From bite-sized basil-crusted steak filet, Electric Glow (one of the Post-it® categories) rum cocktails with kumquat garnish, and a vibrant goodie bag chock-full with Post-it® products everyone uses, Post-it® proved they can throw a party just like the best of them, in addition to all the great things they are already doing with the brand.

– Stephanie