“There is a big shift happening, many tiny shifts in industry, business, personal lifestyle choices, SHFT.com is here to amplify that shift and ford motors is kind enough to sponsor this big shift by highlighting ten innovators in their sustainable business practices,” said Adrian Grenier, recent star of HBO’s hit show Entourages in support of Shft.com, the night’s main initiative with Ford Motors that night.

SHFT.com, founded by Grenier and Peter Gltazer, is a website that showcases innovators using green energy and business practices that help the environment.  On Wednesday, April 18th, the eve of the Tribeca Film Festival, Grenier and Bill Ford hosted a premiere of the first set of digital shorts from their documentary series, “The Big SHFT: 10 Innovators Changing Our World.” 

“On a human level, it’s our responsibility to make the world more livable for all.” said Grenier, a mantra apparent in his project’s philosophy and in the star’s overall rumored philanthropy. This spirit was echoed in the décor and organic hors d’oeuvres at 404 on 33rd and 10th Ave.

After the film premiere and comments from the night’s hosts, The Honey Brothers took the stage with original southern rock infused indie tunes.


Notable guests include Michael Imperioli, of Sopranos fame, and prominent innovators from within and associated with Ford Motors.

– Darrel

Check out the special video by Ford Social.

Photos by Amy Sussman/AP Images for Ford, and by Darrel for Socially Superlative