Heineken announced its first ever Affinity Award. Aimed to empower and recognize the work of African American filmmakers and encourage them to continue to craft stories that share their experiences and visions, the winner of this award, will be honored with a $20,000 cash award and year-round project support from the Tribeca Film Institute.

“Heineken is overjoyed to launch a first-ever Affinity Award with a prestigious Tribeca Film Institute,” said Carolyn Concepcion, Brand Manager of Heineken. “Heineken prides itself as a code that opens a universe to a consumers by singular as good as astonishing experiences. We goal to make use of a first-ever Affinity Award as a height to serve display a work of gifted African-American filmmakers.”

Submissions will be judged on how well it fulfills the mission of the Tribeca Film Institute, the quality and strength of the proposal, the potential for international and US distribution, as well as the filmmakers’ previous body of work. The Affinity Award winner will be announced during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and will receive $20,000 and a year-round project support and professional development from the Tribeca Film Institute.

Up and coming filmmakers amongst people in the media/business mingled at the Mulberry Project , on Friday evening, an outdoor patio where guests sipped on Heineken.  It was great to speak with various filmmakers and see what drives their creativity and to make great buzz worth films that have people talking.  As we all know in this business not many African-American films or minority films are made.  This is a great opportunity for young filmmakers to have their work shown to a broader audience.

For more information about the Heineken Affinity Award please visit www.tribecafilminstitute.org, or follow Heineken on Twitter at @Heineken_US.

– Tranika

Photos via Craig Barritt/Getty Images