There are some parties that we are so sad to have missed, but feel compelled to share with our readers.

Earlier this week on April 30th, foodies and restauranteurs attended the Foodie 50 Party at Sullivan Bakery to celebrate the feature written by Mario Batali in MANHATTAN magazine‘s April issue.  Batali wrote the “Foodie 50” feature in which he shared his culinary best-of list in NYC.

A link the online version can be found here:


The event also turned up prominent guests of the restaurant industry, including:

  • Jim Lahey of Co. and Sullivan Street Bakery
  • Kamel Saci of il Buco Alimentari & Vineria
  • George Mendes of Aldea Restaurant
  • Megan Fitzroy of Parm and Torrisi Italian Specialities
  • McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Company

(Did anyone else know that George Mendes is such a stud, even while eating?)