The Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey has been a popular brand for many years and can be used at any celebration or occasion, especially this Father’s Day and summer season coming up.  And that’s exactly the experience the brand wanted to showcase during the Macallan Experience at Dream Downtown held yesterday afternoon. The Macallan’s 12 and 25 Years Old expressions were each paired with a favorite summer time and/or Father’s Day experience/activity.

The first and main room in which you walk into was to experience the Macallan 25, was a moment for men to indulge in styling tips from designer Duncan Quinn who was looking quite dapper in his own designed suit.  As well as getting designer tips, men were also treated to a complimentary shoeshine.

The Macallan 12 (aged 12 years) has the palate of walnuts, peach, flowers, apples and oranges and also went down very smoothly.  I usually do not drink any liquor on the rocks or straight up but was surprised at how smooth the drink went down. Very nice.

The next room was filled to look like just a regular summer day on the golf course while enjoying the Macallan 17. This particular blend was my favorite. A sweet smell with a light and fruity taste, I mixed mine with Ginger Beer that gave it a nice after taste and would be perfect for any summer occasion.  Guests were also encouraged to try the golf experience.  An interactive way to play golf while being indoors.  Very fun!

The conclusion to the experience was upstairs at the penthouse rooftop (complete with its own Jacuzzi outside… amazing!). There was a personal chef making appetizing treats along with the best chips and guacamole I have ever tasted in my life!  Also on hand were wooden hard covers made for the newest iPhone. Macallan had these covers especially made for the event with their name on the covers. Neat idea.  Although the weather was not the best, it was a bit cloudy, there was thankfully no rain and we all got to experience the rooftop to enjoy, mingle, and relax.

If this is a kick off to how summer will be then it’s going to be a very good summer this year.  Be sure to pick up Macallan in your wine & spirit store located near you!

– Tranika